Student Government at CUNY Law


Student Government at CUNY Law receives its mandate to govern from the CUNY Law Student Handbook (2020-2021 edition linked; updated annually) and TKTKTK. The CUNY Law Governance Plan establishes a formal role for SG-elected members on the Personnel and Budget Committee, the Committee on Committees, the Faculty Meeting, and other faculty committees as appropriate. CUNY Students are also governed by Article XV of the CUNY Bylaws.

Student government at CUNY Law is relatively well-documented, although rumors continue to exist about a laptop or desktop computer somewhere in the CUNY building that carries more of an archive but is currently inaccessible due to COVID. SG itself varies widely in its efficacy, due to the capacity of law students and the interest of the members.

As a governing body of a public institution, CUNY Law Student Government is subject to the Open Meetings Act and must walk some particularly precarious lines regarding respecting freedom of speech, race- and gender-neutral governance, and so forth. This is especially true when considering organizations that are in the minority viewpoint at CUNY Law, such as the always-controversial Federalist Society.

The SG archive can be found here.

SG Misc Resolutions 2010-2012

Bar Passage, LIC Move - New Building, Student Government

SG Minutes 2010-2011

Student Government

SG Minutes: 2009-2010

Student Government

SG Minutes: 2012

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